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South Arabian bronze bowl

Nearly hemispherical in form, the tondo slightly convex, decorated on the interior in repoussé and enhanced with incision, the tondo with a rosette framed by concentric arches, enclosed by a thin band of guilloche and radiating tongues, with a network of tendrils creating four registers of rectangular panels, graduated towards the interior, the inner row each enclosing a long-necked bird with horizontal wings, the head lowered, each panel of the second row with a goat, winged sphinxes, the row enclosing a lion, a bull, a centaur with a bow, or a sphinx, some facing left, some facing right, the tendrils peaking in a central palmette above each outer panel, a spread-wing bird in between, a thin band of guilloche in Old South Arabian added circa 140-120 BC, with the personal name Awsimanat.

7th-6th Century BC

Diam. 7 9/16 in. (19.2 cm.)

Ex private collection, Belgium, 1982-1986.

Published: J. Eisenberg, Art of the Ancient World, vol. XXIV (2013), no. 245


South Arabian bronze bowl
South Arabian bronze bowl
South Arabian bronze bowl

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