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Hellenistic marble stele of Zoa Hellenistic marble stele of Zoa
Hellenistic marble stele of Zoa HELLENISTIC MARBLE STELE OF ZOA

With a deeply sunken relief of a woman wearing a himation, standing in the center flanked by two girls, probably servants.
Her himation covers the head and body, leaving only a small section of the right arm and the richly pleated undergarment visible. The right hand grasps the hem of the himation. The girl to the left, shown in profile, is in a reflective or mourning pose, and looks up to the deceased from the side. The fingers of her left hand touch her throat. The pose of Zoa is reminiscent of that of the so-called Small Herculanian Woman; cf. W. Fuchs, Die Skulptur der Griechen, 1979, p. 219, no. 237, with illus. The girl to the right holds an open box or mirror in both hands. A box, a kalathos and a double comb (?) stand on a ledge in the upper part of the relief. On the upper frame, an inscription which translates: Zoa, daughter of Menios, farewell.

Ca. 125-100 BC

H. 29 in. (73.5 cm.)

Ex B. collection, Switzerland, acquired between 1960-1980.

Published: E. Pfuhl-H. Mobius, Die ostgriechischen Grabreliefs, vol. 1, Mainz, 1977, p. 151, no. 469, pl. 77; J. Eisenberg, Art of the Ancient World, 2011, no. 6.



Hellenistic marble stele of Zoa

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