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Egyptian large bronze Ptah, Egyptian large bronze Ptah,
Egyptian large bronze Ptah, EGYPTIAN LARGE BRONZE PTAH

Patron of artists, craftsmen, metalworkers, and sculptors wearing the traditional cap and close-fitting cloak; holding before him the was-scepter.

XXIst-XXVth Dynasties, ca. 1069 -712 BC

H. 11 in. (28 cm.)

Ex collection of W. Arnold Meijer, The Netherlands.

Published: C. Andrews & J. van Dijk, Objects for Eternity, Egyptian Antiquities from the W. Arnold Meijer Collection, 2006, pp. 201-203, no. 3. 20, illus.; Christie's, New York, 5 June 1998, no. 100; J. Eisenberg, Art of the Ancient World, 2014, no. 177.

Exhibited: Musée Allard Pierson, Musée Archéologique de l'Université d'Amsterdam, 17 novembre 2006 - 25 mars 2007.

Cf. M. Sandman Holmberg, The God Ptah, Lund, 1946.



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